Newbies FAQ's

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Newbies FAQ's

Post by UnderTaker on Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:08 pm

How can i be elder?
- You need to donate 500 or more troops in a league season.

How can i be coleader?
-For the moment Req-n-Stay is not looking for more coleaders, when the time comes the staff will let you know if there is a vacancy.

How long last a League Season?
-Supercell set it to a month.

What troops can i request?
-You can only request what you can train. (Ex: If u cant train Hogs yourself, you cant request Hogs).

So, if i can train Archers+3 i wont receive high level Archers?
-No, you will receive all sorts of levels.

Can i request for a Dragon?
-Dragons can only be requested for war purpose.

How can i go to war?
-Once a week there will be a members/elders war with no coleader support. If you show a good performance you shall join coleaders war.

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