War Rules.

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War Rules.

Post by UnderTaker on Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:18 pm

We go to war every 2 days, thats 3 wars weekly
Wars starts around 4:00pm (if not we will let you know)
Donate only what is requested, preferably players with high troops
Every player will have the chance to go to war, but to be active
you must get at least 4 stars, if not, you will be penalized for 2 wars

War Manager: Warlod Warrior (he in on most of the time)

We have a war system that you must follow
Only co-leaders donate on the War Page (except for members/elders war)
You must use both atacks

There are two types of war:

Member/Elder War: They go to war with no co-leader support (only donations)
Depending of battle performance you may join Co-leaders War.

Co-Leaders War: All co-leaders go to war with those member/elder that achieve a good performamce in previous wars.

There will be one member/elder war for every two co-leaders war.

If you dont use both atacks, you will be pointed on a Blacklist if happen again you will be kicked out.
If you dont atack at all, you will be automaticaly kicked


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